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Certification in Personal Training



  • Course Duration: 2 months
  • Format: Live Online Classes
  • Language: English/ Hindi
  • Certificates: 2
  • 200+ Students Certified
  • No. of Hours: 30
  • No. of Sessions: 14
  • Eligibility:10th Pass
  • Platform: Zoom App
  • Batch Starting Soon

Course Overview

This is the most informative course on fitness that will make you a confident personal fitness trainer from the comfort of your home. Learn the fundamentals of exercise, human anatomy, energy systems, movements, various exercises, how to create different types of exercises, how to acquire new clients and build your own fitness training brand.

We have used technology to help overcome learning restrictions and make your learning easier. We will be using innovative teaching methods and multiple camera angles so that you don’t miss the classroom teaching experience while receiving uncompromising practical knowledge of fitness training. Also, learn how to get new clients and start your own personal training empire.

Sample Certificates

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Fitness
  2. Exercise Basics & Communication Basics
  3. Joints and Movements
  4. Human Anatomy
  5. Nutrition Basics
  1. Practical Class - 1
  2. Practical Class - 2
  3. Practical Class - 3
  4. Practical Class - 4
  5. Practical Class - 5
  6. Practical Class - Client Assessment
  7. Practical Class - Social Media Profile Building Class

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