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Certification in Applied Nutrition



  • Course Duration: 2.5 months
  • Format: Live & Recorded Classes
  • Language: English/ Hindi
  • Certificates: 2
  • 1000+ Students Certified
  • No. of Hours: 40
  • No. of Sessions: 16
  • Eligibility: 10th Pass
  • Platform: Zoom or Classroom
  • Batch Starting Soon

Course Overview

A great course can only be offered by a great teacher. It does not matter what educational background you are from. Our internationally certified teachers explain the complex concepts so well that you will fall in love with the subject of nutrition. This is the best nutrition course offered in India! The teachers will help you build a strong foundational knowledge of nutrition. They will also teach you how to apply what you have learnt by making you create several diet charts for different types of clients LIVE, in class! You will also learn how to reach out to new prospective clients from different sources. After completing this course, you will become confident in acquiring new clients and in making nutrition plans for different types of people.

Sample Certificates

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction Class
  2. Fundamentals of Critical Thinking and Research Methodologies
  3. Nutrition Fundamentals - 1
  4. Nutrition Fundamentals - 2
  5. Types of Diets and Nutritional Supplements - 1
  1. Types of Diets and Nutritional Supplements - 2
  2. Hydration and Hormones
  3. Complex Plans and Sports Nutrition
  4. Nutrition Myths
  5. Nutrition Practicals - 1 - Pre-Consultations and Consultations
  6. Nutrition Practicals - 2 - Monitoring Clients
  7. Nutrition Practicals - 3 - Introduction to Cronometer
  8. Case Studies - 1 - Creating a Nutrition Plan
  9. Case Studies - 2 - Creating a Nutrition Plan
  10. Introduction to Lifestyle Disorders
  11. Social Media Marketing Class

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